Stephen Hamm, Interim President

Stephen Hamm, Interim President, has over forty years experience in the upstream petroleum business, working basins throughout United States, Mexico, Africa and Asia. During his career, he has been a senior level geophysicist, geologist and explorationist at Texaco, Arco International Oil & Gas, Sovereign Oil & Gas, Schlumberger, PEMEX, where he displayed a phenomenal track record for prospect generation. Throughout his career, Mr. Hamm made many notable discoveries, totaling over 1 Billion barrels, including a 250+ MMBO field offshore California, 250+ MMBO in Angola, a 100MMCFD gas well in California, 200 BCF of gas fields in Louisiana, several hundred million barrels of reserves in Southern Mexico, and a significant new gas discovery offshore Mediterranean.

Mr. Hamm has a substantial amount of experience evaluating fields, conducting acreage evaluations, and performing development work. Mr. Hamm is an expert in 2-D and 3-D seismic interpretation with over 20 years experience interpreting seismic data and integrating well and production data to generate prospects and evaluate acreage, in field development and evaluation mapping, and in correlating and integrating well logs with seismic data. He is proficient in several upstream software programs for seismic interpretation and well log correlation. Mr. Hamm is a Texas and California Registered Geologist and has a BS in Geology.


Charles Colby, Board Director/Co-Founder/Government Liaison

Charles Colby, Board Director/Co-Founder/Government Liaison, has significant experience in political science and a 30 year history in Belize (third largest property owner). Mr. Colby has a 25 year history in the oil & gas industry and is highly experienced in vital logistics involved with transporting heavy oil and gas drilling equipment. Mr. Colby is also responsible for oil and gas holdings, which include more than 23,000 acres of mineral interests in Texas, Louisiana, New Mexico, Iowa and Mississippi.


Mike Pugh, Board Director/Treasurer

Mike Pugh, Board Director, has nearly thirty years of extensive experience in financial accounting and administrative management for publicly trading entities, with a concentration in E&P companies both domestic and international. Mr. Pugh held several positions at Devon/Santa Fe Snyder (a multi-national oil and gas E&P company with over 2,000 employees and 40,000 barrels per day production), culminating as International Treasurer. Mr. Pugh also worked as CFO/VP for several E&P startup ventures, where he successfully completed the public offering of securities and oversaw SEC regulatory, reporting and compliance responsibilities (10K, 10-Q, 8-K, Sarbanes-Oxley, etc.). Throughout his career, Mr. Pugh has negotiated several hundred million in funding and credit negotiations with banks and corporation in the energy sector, and he was responsible for several successful acquisitions and dispositions.


Mike Farhadi, Engineering Consultant

As a seasoned multilingual, team-oriented Petroleum Engineer, Mike brings a wealth of worldwide experience in Field Development, Reservoir Evaluation, Production Optimization, Property Evaluation/Negotiation and Economic Analysis. Serving in the role of Engineering Consultant at Providence Energy Group, Mike is responsible for identifying, directing, and performing the evaluation and appraisal of international exploration, exploitation and development projects. With a focus on accurate reserve estimation and state-of-the-art economic modeling of previously discovered partially delineated fields. He specializes in evaluating potential investment opportunities ranging from farmins and acquisitions of existing operations to developing entry strategies for new exploration activities.